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Lista DCI de cartas baneadas  1 Junio 2000

2 Junio 2000    


DCI Banned and Restricted List Announcement

Announcement Date: June 1, 2000
Effective Date: July 1, 2000


No changes


No changes

Masques Block

Lin Sivvi, Defiant Hero is banned
Rishadan Port is banned

Type 1

No changes

Type 1.5

(All cards on the Type 1 Banned and Restricted Lists are banned in Type 1.5)

No changes

Explanation of Banned and Restricted List Changes

Masques Block

As always, one of R&D's primary goals is to maximize the number of viable deck archetypes in Magic: the Gathering. As Pro Tour-New York demonstrated, the lack of enough viable deck archetypes has caused the Masques Block to stagnate. Rishadan Port is found in nearly every deck. In addition, the "Rebel" deck is considerably over-powered. Therefore, the bannings for this quarter are aimed at lowering the power level of the Rebel deck type and eliminating Rishadan Port from the environment.

Lin Sivvi - The Rebel deck made up approximately 50% of the field at Pro Tour-New York (and was an even higher percentage on Day 2). Clearly, this deck was dominating the environment to the extent that it reduced the number of viable deck archetypes. Lin Sivvi was the strongest card in this deck and eliminating it from the environment will help to bring the Rebel deck in line with the rest of the field. In addition, Lin Sivvi's Legend status and propensity to increase game length were also strikes against it.

Rishadan Port - When four copies of a card appear in almost every deck, that card is too strong for the environment. Another good reason to ban Rishadan Port is that it strongly discourages multicolor decks. The pressure against multicolor decks in Masques Block is significant and the Port is preventing a large number of multicolor deck archetypes from being successful.